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Columbian Ground Squirrel Video Stock Footage

The Columbian ground squirrel is one of the largest members of the genus, the largest being the Arctic ground squirrel. They have a relatively sturdy, robust build. They measure 325–410 mm (12.8–16.1 in) in length overall, with a tail measuring 80–116 mm (3.1–4.6 in). The hind feet measure 47–57 mm (1.9–2.2 in) and the ear 16–22.5 mm (0.63–0.89 in). The hair is dense and relatively short. The facial fur is bronze across the bridge of the nose. The fur along the back, legs, and feet is a more cinnamon buff, with darker fur closer to the body. There is a pale beige to buff ring of fur around the eye. The neck fur is gray along the sides of the cheeks. The flanks may be light beige or gray. They have a darker tail, with darker underfur and some lighter beige markings above and dark to grayish white below. Molting occurs diffusely, without a clear line of delineation.

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Animalia: Chordata: Rodentia: Mammalia: Sciuridae: Urocitellus columbianus

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