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Douc Langur Video Stock Footage

Like other doucs, the red-shanked douc is a long, slender monkey. The male has an average head and body length of 61 cm (24 in), and the female averages 54.5 cm (21.5 in) long, with a tail that measures 55.8–76.2 cm (22.0–30.0 in) long. Males weigh on average 11 kg (24 lb), and females 8.44 kilograms (18.6 lb). The red-shanked douc is the most colorful monkey among all species of primates. They are considered “Queen of primates” thanks to their distinctive and unique appearance. Their forearms are white, upper legs black to grey and the lower legs a deep red while hands and feet are black. The monkey’s yellow-orange face and ears appear to be powdered with theatrical makeup, and the eyelids appear to be dusted with a powder-blue eyeshadow. Dark, almond-shaped eyes view the world, and from a modest nose, tiny nostrils inhale the fragrance of the forest habitat. Long, white whiskers (more generous in males) adorn the chin and frame the monkey’s alien-like face. A wide black band stretches across the monkey’s forehead. Belly and back are grey. There is a slight difference in rump markings between genders: the male has round white spots above the triangle of white on its rump, while the female does not. Males of all ages have a white spot on both sides of the corners of the rump patch, and red and white genitals. Shortly, the douc’s fur is a harmonious combination of the 5 colors: black, grey, white, brown-red and orange. Due ...

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Animalia: Chordata: Primates: Mammalia: Cercopithecidae: Pygathrix nemaeus

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