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False Killer Whale Video Stock Footage

The false killer whale is black or dark gray, though slightly lighter on the underside. It has a slender body with an elongated, tapered head and 44 teeth. The dorsal fin is sickle-shaped, and its flippers are narrow, short, and pointed, with a distinctive bulge on the leading edge of the flipper (the side closest to the head). The average body length is around 4.9 m (16.1 ft), with females reaching a maximum size of 5 m (16.4 ft) in length and 1,200 kg (2,600 lb) in weight, and males 6 m (20 ft) long and 2,200 kg (4,900 lb) in weight. However, on average, males and females are about the same size. Newborns can be 1.5–2.1 m (4.9–6.9 ft) in length. Body temperature ranges from 36–37.2 °C (96.8–99.0 °F), increasing during activity. The teeth are conical, and there are 14󈞁 in the upper jaw and 16󈞄 in the lower. The false killer whale reaches physical maturity between 8 and 14 years, and maximum age in captivity is 57 years for males and 62 for females. Sexual maturity happens between 8 to 11 years. In one population, calving occurred at 7 year intervals calving can occur year-round, though it usually occurs in late winter. Gestation takes around 15 months. Females lactate for 9 months to 2 years. The false killer whale is one of three toothed whales, the other two being the pilot whales, identified as having a sizable post-reproductive lifespan after menopause, which occurs between ag...Learn more about False Killer Whale

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Animalia: Chordata: Cetacea: Mammalia: Delphinidae: Pseudorca crassidens

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