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Garfish Video Stock Footage

The Pectoral, dorsal, pelvic and caudal fins dusky, and the anal fin are pale (McMillan et al., 2011). The pectoral fin allows them to turn left or right, they also support the stability of the fish (Aquaveiws, 2009). The dorsal fin helps aid the fish to make sharp turns and helps the fish in rolling (Aquaveiws, 2009). The dorsal fin on the Garfish is located well back on the fish (Montgomery & Saunders, 1984). Unlike most fishes, the dorsal fin of the garfish lacks spines. Rather than having multiple spines running top to bottom, the dorsal fin is soft and veins of cartilage give rigidity to it when needed (Ayling & Cox, 1987).The pelvic fin aids the fish with stopping quickly and general stability, as well as diving into deeper waters and rising to the surface (Aquaveiws, 2009). The caudal fin is the main fin also known as the tail (Aquaveiws, 2009). Garfish have a caudal fin that is forked and obtains a large lower lobe, which is called the hypocercal tail (Montgomery & Saunders, 1984). The anal fin on a garfish is located at the back of the body (Montgomery & Saunders, 1984) this allows them to have more stability in the water (Aquaveiws, 2009). However, their most distinctive feature is their long lower jaw with an orange tip (Montgomery & Saunders, 1984). Their upper jaw is usually longer than wide and their lower jaw is usually longer than the head length (McMillan et al., 2011), which allows them to detect vibrations that are caused by there pr...

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Animalia: Chordata: Beloniformes: Actinopterygii: Hemiramphidae: Hyporhamphus ihi

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