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Gray-Headed Flying Fox Video Stock Footage

The grey-headed flying fox is the largest bat in Australia. The overall colour of the pelage is a dark-grey body with a light-grey head, separated by a reddish-brown collar. The fur on the body is long and streaked with grey, the broad and well defined collar completely encircles the neck with hair that is golden orange in tone. A unique characteristic among bats of the genus Pteropus is fur on the legs that extends all the way to the ankle. Adults may have an average wingspan of reaching one metre in length and up to one kilogram in weight. Weight generally varies between 600 and 1000 grams, with an average of 700 g. The combined length of the head and body is from 230 to 290 mm. The forearm length is a range from 138 to 180 mm. The length of the ear from the tip to base is 30 to 37 mm. Like many megachiropterans, the species lacks a tail, all of these bats possess claws on its first and second digits. The head is simple in form, with the characteristic 'dog-like' appearance of the genus. Since it does not echolocate, it lacks the tragus or leaf ornamentation found in many species of Microchiroptera. It relies on smell and, predominately, sight to locate its food (nectar, pollen and native fruits) and thus has relatively large eyes for a bat. The voice of P. poliocephalus consists of a complex series of squeals and screechings. They will flap their wings in hot weather, using blood pumped through the patagium to cool the body temperature. Learn more about Gray-Headed Flying Fox

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Animalia: Chordata: Chiroptera: Mammalia: Pteropodidae: Pteropus poliocephalus

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