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Grey-Headed Woodpecker Video Stock Footage

The grey-headed woodpecker is 28–33 cm (11–13 in) long and weighs 110–206 g (3.9–7.3 oz). Specimens of the more widespread of the two Eastern subspecies, P. c. jessoensis, are usually a little larger and heavier than individuals from the type locality. On average, it is somewhat smaller and lighter than the European green woodpecker. In the field, this distinction in size is difficult to make. Its size is approximately that of a Eurasian collared dove. Grey-headed woodpeckers have uniformly olive green upperparts, transitioning across the neck to a light grey, the head being that latter colour. The typical woodpecker markings are small and not particularly conspicuous. It has a grey head with black moustache, and the male has a red crown. It has a shorter neck, slimmer bill and slightly rounder head than the green woodpecker.

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Animalia: Chordata: Piciformes: Aves: Picidae: Picus canus

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