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Janaria Mirabilis Video Stock Footage

Janaria mirabilis is similar in appearance to a colonial coral, but comes from a quite separate group of cnidarians. The adult hydrocoral can be up to 5 cm (2 in) high and a similar width. It consists of a single horizontal branch and three or four vertical branches. The branches are straight or slightly curved and have blunt tips which are half as wide as the branches, the colour usually being cream or pale tan. The branches are calcified and each bears numerous polyps, the animal having been described as resembling a "fuzzy glove of feeding polyps". The tissues of the hydrocoral contain symbiotic zooxanthellae harboured within which provide additional nutrients for the colony. The hydrocoral often has epiphytic invertebrates such as barnacles living on its surface.

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Animalia: Cnidaria: Anthoathecata: Hydrozoa: Hydractiniidae: Janaria mirabilis

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