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Lined Nembrotha Video Stock Footage

Nembrotha lineolata grows to a length of about 70 millimetres (2.8 in). The body is slender with a rounded head at one end and a pointed tip to the foot at the other. The exterior of the body is covered with longitudinal wrinkles and there is no sharp demarcation between the dorsal surface and the lateral surfaces. The oral tentacles are thick and long and the large conical rhinophores bear about thirty lamellae and can be retracted. The three large pinnate branchial plumes on the dorsal surface are non-retractile and the anus is located between them. The colouring of this nudibranch is variable across the animal's range. The body colour is creamy-white with narrow longitudinal lines, some broken, in varying shades of brown. Sometimes these lines merge in places giving transverse bands of colour. There is a blue or purple stripe running round the margin of the foot and often a yellow one as well. The oral tentacles are blue or purple with a yellow band and the rhinophores are red (sometimes yellow in the Comoros Islands) with blue or purple sheaths. It lays its eggs in a yellowish-brown spiral ribbon and it is likely that the larvae that hatch out of these are free-swimming veliger larvae and form part of the plankton. Known predators of nudibranchs include fish, crabs, sea spiders and polychaete worms. There have been two instances when a sea anemone in the Edwardsiidae family has been observed attempting to feed on nudibranchs. In one attack on Nembrotha lineola...

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Animalia: Mollusca: Nudibranchia: Gastropoda: Polyceridae: Nembrotha lineolata

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