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The male has the upperwings dark velvety brownish black. The forewing has a broad white oval spot between veins 3 and 7. A smaller spot near the apex is also present. These spots are crossed by the black veins and bordered in iridescent blue that is visible only at certain angles. The hindwing has a larger white spot but the veins crossing it are yellowish and not as prominent as on the forewing. There are some white specks along the tornus and the margin is edged with white and black. Underside forewing: bases of interspaces 1 and 2 and cell rich light chestnut, discal area fuscous brown apical half golden brown basal half of costal margin flecked with white: cell anteriorly black with three white spots a narrow, transverse, very short, white mark beyond apex of cell a very broad, somewhat oval, white discal patch from costa to middle of interspace 2 edged with diffuse dusky black the preapical white spot as on the upperside but not surrounded with blue, continued posteriorly as a transverse series of small postdiscal white spots an inner and an outer transverse series of white lunules divided by a sinuous black line followed by a terminal black line. Hindwing: basal and postdiscal areas chestnut-red a black spot at base of vein 8 defined by white lines a very broad medio-discal white band from costa to dorsum, crossed at apex of interspace 1 a by a transverse black mark, beyond the middle of interspace 7 by a broad black bar, and in interspace 7 bordered inward...

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Animalia: Arthropoda: Lepidoptera: Insecta: Nymphalidae: Hypolimnas misippus

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