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Novodinia Antillensis Video Stock Footage

This starfish has ten to fourteen long tapering arms with distinctive large eyespots on the tips. These are each composed of about a hundred complex ocelli on close examination these structures were found to be virtually devoid of sensory structures and may be non-functional. The disc and arms of this starfish are clad in spines, themselves armed with pedicellariae (small claw or wrench-shaped organs). On the Cape Fear coral mound off North Carolina at a depth of around 400 m (1,300 ft), the dominant macrobenthos included N. antillensis as well as the American conger (Conger oceanicus), the alfonsino (Beryx decadactylus), sea urchins and squat lobsters (Eumunida picta). Each species, especially the fish, had its own favoured niche habitat, often on the southern and southwestern slopes of the mound. More transient visitors to the seamount included the shortbeard codling (Laemonema barbatulum) and the blackbelly rosefish (Helicolenus dactylopterus) which were mostly found on the lower slopes and base of the mound.

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Animalia: Echinodermata: Brisingida: Asteroidea: Brisingidae: Novodinia antillensis

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