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Pale-Vented Pigeon Video Stock Footage

The pale-vented pigeon is 30–32 cm long and weighs normally 230–250 g. Adult males have a mainly dull purple head, breast and upperpart plumage, with copper glossing on the nape and a whitish throat. The lower back and tail are dark grey and the lower underparts are pale grey. The bill is black and the legs, iris and eyering are red. The female is similar, but duller than the male, and immatures are greyish-brown, very dull, and mainly greyish brown. The southern subspecies P. c. andersoni has white lower underparts, rather than the pale grey of nominate P. c. cayennensis. The call is a row of soft kuk kuk croo-ooos the initial short kuk is characteristic for the "cayennensis group" of Patagioenas. Altogether, this species' song is intermediate between that of its close relatives the plain (P. inornata) and red-billed pigeons (P. flavirostris).

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Animalia: Chordata: Columbiformes: Aves: Columbidae: Patagioenas cayennensis

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