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Pigfish Video Stock Footage

The pigfish is distinguished from other members of the grunt family by its dorsal fin, which has 12 to 13 spines followed by 15 to 16 soft rays. The anal fin has three spines with 12 to 13 short rays. A scaly sheet covers the dorsal and anal fin spines, while the soft rays lack scales. On the body of the pigfish, above the lateral line there are 53 to 58 pored, lateral scales in ten longitudinal rows, and 15 to 19 rows below. The body color is generally light blue-grey, which fades to silver along the ventral region. Scales are bluish with bronze spots on the edge, which form stripes that are horizontal below the lateral line and curve slightly upward above the line. Fins are mostly yellow-bronze with dusky edges. Adults average 9.1 inches (23 cm), but have been recorded at lengths of up to 14.9 inches. Learn more about Pigfish

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Animalia: Chordata: Perciformes: Actinopterygii: Haemulidae: Orthopristis chrysoptera

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