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Rook Video Stock Footage

The rook is a fairly large bird, at 45 to 47 cm (18 to 19 in) in length, with black feathers that often show a blue or bluish-purple sheen in bright sunlight. The feathers on the head, neck and shoulders are particularly dense and silky. The legs and feet are generally black, the bill grey-black and the iris dark brown. In adults, a bare area of whitish skin in front of the eye and around the base of the bill is distinctive, and enables the rook to be distinguished from other members of the crow family. This bare patch gives the false impression that the bill is longer than it is and the head more domed. The feathering around the legs also appears shaggier and laxer than the similarly sized carrion crow, the only other member of its genus with which the rook is likely to be confused. Additionally, when seen in flight, the wings of a rook are proportionally longer and narrower than those of the carrion crow. The juvenile plumage is black with a slight greenish gloss, except for the hind neck, back and underparts, which are brownish-black. The juvenile is superficially similar to a young crow because it lacks the bare patch at the base of the bill, but it has a thinner beak and loses the facial feathers after about six months. Learn more about Rook

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Animalia: Chordata: Passeriformes: Aves: Corvidae: Corvus frugilegus

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