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Three-Toed Woodpecker Video Stock Footage

The adult is 21.5–24 cm (8.5–9.4 in) in length. It is black on the head, wings and rump, and white from the throat to the belly the flanks are white with black bars. The back is white with black bars, and the tail is black with the white outer feathers barred with black. The adult male has a yellow cap. In North America, the three-toed woodpecker can be confused with the black-backed woodpecker, which it closely resembles. Identification is easier in Eurasia, where it is the only woodpecker with a yellow cap, the only one with three toes, and one of only two black-and-white woodpeckers that lack any red in the plumage. The three-toed woodpecker can be distinguished from the black-backed woodpecker by the ladder back. The breeding habitat is coniferous forests across western Canada, Alaska and the midwestern United States, and across northern Eurasia from Norway to Korea. There are also populations in the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains.

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Animalia: Chordata: Piciformes: Aves: Picidae: Picoides tridactylus

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