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Yellowtail Barracuda Video Stock Footage

The yellow tail barracuda has an elongated body with two well separated dorsal fins, the anterior dorsal fin has five spines with the first spine being the longest. The origin of the second dorsal fin is positioned slightly in front of that of the anal fin. The pelvic fin is located below the tip of the pectoral fin, which in turn is positioned in front of the origin of the anterior dorsal fin. The large head is slightly flattened towards the rear and bears a large eye, pointed snout and long jaws, with a prognathic lower jaw.In the front of the upper jaw there are several fang-like teeth, then 4-5 sharp teeth which form a single row on the palatine followed by a single row of smaller teeth on premaxilla. The lower jaw has a single large canine-like tooth at its apex followed by a row of smaller sharp teeth along the each side of the jaw. It is grey in colour on the back with a countershaded pattern of a white underside, sometimes the flanks show a yellow tint. The tail is yellow with black margins. They can grow to 60 cm but 35–40 cm is normal. Learn more about Yellowtail Barracuda

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Animalia: Chordata: Perciformes: Actinopterygii: Sphyraenidae: Sphyraena flavicauda

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