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LA joins Hawaii, San Francisco and San Jose with plastic bag ban

Plastic bags pose a particular problem in the world’s oceans, where they have become entangled in the food chain and pose a hazard to a wide range of species. Sea turtles frequently mistake plastic bags for their favorite meal, jellyfish, and can become very ill or die from ingesting the plastic bags they come across […]

Reuse, Re-edit, Repurpose

As public awareness of conservation and sustainability issues increases, the media production industry has found that it is presented with many opportunities to reduce energy expenses and carbon emissions during all stages of the production process. Attention toward greener production practices can benefit a media campaign as well as the bottom line. Stock footage is […]

Ocean Footage: Funny Ocean Animal Video

Even under the ocean waves, funny video clips of animal antics and entertaining behaviors abound, as on display in the new Funny Ocean Animals Collection from OceanFootage. This week marks the annual observance of World Oceans Day (June 8th), and while there are conservation issues of enormous concern, there are many beautiful and even humorous […]

Footage Search Announces Exclusive HD Rhino Poaching Footage Available at NatureFootage

Footage Search announces exclusive new video of a Black Rhinoceros poached alive in South Africa. Captured in HD, these clips highlight the gruesome and dramatic plight of wild Black Rhinos. Monterey CA. November 10, 2011 Footage Search announces the release of exclusive new video of a Black Rhinoceros brutally poached for it’s horn. Illegally hunted […]

Rhino Poaching in South Africa

At an average of one rhino per day, poaching in South Africa continues to threaten the future of the species. Rhino horn is valued in Asian markets for supposed medicinal qualities, and even as a report was released this past week confirming the continued slaughter of rhinos by poachers, cinematographer Rainer Schimpf, based in South […]

California Senate considering Shark Fin ban

With Shark populations on the decline around the world, bill AB 376 currently under consideration by the California Senate is important legislation aimed at banning the possession and sale of shark fins. This does impact a cultural tradition, but support for this bill reflects a broader understanding of the collective value in protecting balanced ecosystems […]

Nature Footage: National Forests and Arbor Day

The comprehensive collection available through NatureFootage is a valued source for promoting products, campaigns, and sustainable brands. Recently, the Arbor Day Foundation sourced compelling video content from NatureFootage to promote its mission to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. As viewed in the Replanting Our National Forests campaign, the forests are ours to enjoy, to renew […]

Ocean Footage: World Oceans Day

“Ocean Acidification is destined to be one of the biggest issues humanity has ever faced.” – Dr J.E.N. (‘Charlie’) Veron, World Renowned Reef Scientist and Photographer World Oceans Day is an opportunity for global citizens to reflect upon, experience, and learn about the oceans around the world. The oceans are known for their extraordinary diversity […]

Nature Footage: Connecting with Nature

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”–William Shakespeare There is magic to be experienced in nature, and in the new Connecting With Nature collection we bear witness to humanities reverence for nature across the globe. From the simplest connection with nature so crucial to human survival such as access to clean water, food, […]