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Clip of the Week: Diver and Great White Shark

In this amazing video, a free-diver swims in open water with a massive great white shark. Carefully guiding the the shark’s lunging jaws with the touch of hand to snout, the diver is able to have a remarkable close-up encounter with this formidable (and possibly hungry) apex predator. Great white shark attacks on humans are […]

Clip of the Week: Coconut Octopus Attacks Crab

Filmed in Red One 4K, this incredible clip of a coconut octopus hunting a crab provides unique insight into the stealthy behavior of Amphioctopus marginatus. This octopus displays many interesting behaviors, including the use of clam shells and coconut shells to improvise shelter on the sandy ocean floor, and frequent bipedal walking. View more 4K […]

Clip of the Week: Cuttlefish Mating Behavior

This stunning 4K footage is just a sample of the content recently added to the Ocean Footage 4K Collection. These rarely seen Giant Cuttlefish are engaged in an intricate courtship dance, culminating in their mating and spawning on the rocky reefs of South Australia. This amazing video was captured using the Red One 4K camera, […]

IWC Schaffhausen — Quality Matters

The Aquatimer Collection of IWC Shaffhausen is a premium product that demands quality footage to tell their story. When an ad agency must deliver to a superior brand, they come to NatureFootage for excellence. Our researchers provided a thorough video search and even reached out to contributors to submit stock footage subjects not yet available […]

Visa Checkout – Surfing Video From NatureFootage

An advertising client came to NatureFootage in search of footage for the Visa Checkout Advertisement. They needed fully cleared footage of dangerous big wave surfing from Teahupoo, Tahiti. A recent submission from contributor Greg Huglin included the perfect clip of wipe-out footage in 5K. NatureFootage provides hands on customer service to fulfill the demands of […]

New Simplified Rates Available At NatureFootage

At NatureFootage we strive to keep all of our clients satisfied, both buyers and contributors. In today’s competitive stock footage marketplace, this has become a greater challenge. With a glut of media resources, buyers have more options than ever—and at much lower price points. As a premium source for quality content, we work hard to […]

OceanFootage: NRDC Peace Paddle Video

Several NatureFootage clips make an appearance in this Peace Paddle video from the NRDC, illustrating how actions speak louder than words: hundreds join to show their support for the oceans. Show your support by asking President Obama to represent our oceans’ needs at Rio+20 NatureFootage frequently works with conservation and environmental organizations, providing effective imagery […]

LA joins Hawaii, San Francisco and San Jose with plastic bag ban

Plastic bags pose a particular problem in the world’s oceans, where they have become entangled in the food chain and pose a hazard to a wide range of species. Sea turtles frequently mistake plastic bags for their favorite meal, jellyfish, and can become very ill or die from ingesting the plastic bags they come across […]

Announcing 100+ Hours of New Ocean Footage Content, HD and 4K Video Clips

Stock footage leader, Footage Search, announced the expansion of their underwater and oceanic stock video content. The OceanFootage stock footage collection, which represents over 300 leading cinematographers worldwide, has recent submissions to the online portal of over 100 new hours of high definition content from award-winning cinematographers. Monterey, CA June 4, 2012 — Footage Search, […]

Video Equipment Review: Canon 5D Mark III

Berkley White, owner of Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo and a Footage Search Contributor, recently returned from the Cenotes of Mexico where he had a chance to test the new Canon 5D Mark III underwater. We’re excited about the higher quality footage that this digital SLR will be able to deliver, especially given its new […]