RARE, underwater footage of a blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) feeding on krill (Euphausia pacifica). Wide underwater shot shows the entire body of the blue whale. The whale is rising up from the deep, already it has gulped up a large amount of krill, see throat pleats are expanded, this is such a clear shot you can count the pleats. Clearly see the eye of the whale. The whale is gaping its mouth, using baleen to filter out krill, letting seawater slip out. The whale continues forward, it started upside down, gradually the whale rolls so that its back is visible, and the whole whale continues to rise up, eventually to the surface to take a breath. (A swimmer enters frame near the end, at top left). Mood shot. The water is thick with krill and nutrients, making it hazy. In Pacific Ocean near San Diego, California, summer. Pretty blue water. The ocean surface can be seen from below, at the end. Baleen whale feeding on krill. Marine mammal. Plankton. North America West Coast.

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