OUTRAGEOUS & EXCEPTIONAL FOOTAGE of two baleen whales feeding on krill, (Euphausia pacifica), clearly see whale faces & eyes, see the tiny pink krill they are feeding on. First whale swims directly towards camera, might be a young blue whale or a Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus); it is smaller than the 2nd whale and has smaller pectoral fins. At 0:29, quick pan to left, the second whale (probably a Blue Whale, Balaenoptera musculus), is almost upon the camera. A stream of air is released out of the mouth. See the swollen throat with expanded pleats, this whale has a mouthful of krill, air, and seawater and is using baleen to hold in the krill and let out air and seawater. Also this whale is letting air bubbles out one nostril or blowhole on top of head, so maybe the whale gulped the mouthful of krill at ocean surface. Notice much larger pectoral fins on this second whale & grey mottled coloring. Entire body of this second whale passes by, including tail flukes. Good blue water, good natural light from bright sun, near ocean surface.

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